• BOOMBROS are coming.

    Really excited to be teaming up with the awesome skill of once again to produce the newly illustrated series BoomBros! These explosive...
  • Project Titanhop

    Whats up, Hiwezites! We are just around the corner from a brand new Collab with Patchlab and a brand new drop date. MAY THE 4TH!1900hrs BST (That's...
  • BOOM BROS grenade series

    I have been having fun doodling up some grenade dudes with explosive personalities and they are now available on my redbubble account!
  • BEHOLD! A new release.

    Grumpy pack (in three colours), Hamburg PatchCon eye patch, Grumpy Plate Carrier and limited edition Behold! in water tank. Don't miss out, read more here!
  • Wolfspider Recce artwork timelapse

  • PATCHLAB.DE Kids Patches Project

    A lot of my work pivots on a tactical edge but every now and then something entirely wholesome and new drops into the project box and leads me down...
  • New Products!

    This Friday 17th July at 1900hrs the HIWEZ Art store will be adding several new products! Here comes the breakdown! ... Tactical Teddies® Skope: De...
  • Tactical Teddies® Hunter Workshop Poster

    This Sunday at 1300hrs BST a new poster drops here at! This large format, richly detailed print measures in at 590mm x 343mm and is ...
  • Six Fan Arts Challenge Round Two

    After enjoying the first round of the SixFanArts challenge so much I decided to put it to the HIWEZ Squadron to choose another six for me. This w...
  • Crossroads Chapter One: The Collectors Edition Comic

    The day has finally come and the Tactical Teddies® first printed official comic is available.
  • Crossroads Comic release date and time!

    On Sunday May 31st at 1300hrs BST the limited collectors edition of the printed Crossroads Chapter One Comic will be available to the public! 
  • TT® Hunter Workshop comic wallpaper

    Every month I start work on a new Tactical Teddies wallpaper to gift to the Squadron for free! This month was The Hunter Workshop, a gigantic Hunter Teddy trading post hidden in the vast dust deserts of Eastreach.