• TT® Hunter Workshop comic wallpaper

    Every month I start work on a new Tactical Teddies wallpaper to gift to the Squadron for free! This month was The Hunter Workshop, a gigantic Hunter Teddy trading post hidden in the vast dust deserts of Eastreach.
  • Crossroads Comic Collectors Edition

    To celebrate a year of the Hiwez Squadron I am proud to present a collectors edition of the Crossroads Chapter One Comic!
  • First Tactical Tactix half day bag

    Lightweight and compact with bags of room. If Mary Poppins were a tactical enthusiast, this would be the bag she'd pick.
  • "Zombie Survivor" now on Redbubble!

    You can now get your favourite apocalypse cop as stickers, tshirts and an undead buttload of other awesome merch on my redbubble account!
  • Ball Hero now on Redbubble

    Earn your balls today with a cool new T-shirt, T-mug or T-bag!
  • Six Fan Arts challenge

    I recently took part in an online artists challenge by the name of #sixfanarts. I don't usually get involved with these challenges and for no good ...
  • Tedguard Forge art timelapse

    A time lapse and a little ramble from me about what brushes I use and the types of techniques I apply when illustrating a piece of this size on Procreate.
  • A genuine love for packaging orders

    Amidst all the sketching, digital illustrating and social I really get a genuine enjoyment out of putting packages together for customer orders.
  • M4 SBR artwork on Redbubble

    My recent procreate session of my Airsoft rifle was a lot of fun and it seems like the community enjoyed the art too. So I have decided to upload it to my redbubble account!