• TedLore: Hinkypunk

    Not particularly threatening on their own, these mischievous little lights are a coin-toss between guiding teds in need and leading lost bears to t...
  • HWEZ HQ: The Home Office

    Space, Routine and Focus. The three key factors in crafting a consistent creative workflow.
  • Operation Tac It Yourself

    Ever wanted to make your own awesome tactical creature or personal character?
  • TedLore: The Grey Letter

    As chosen by the wonderful humans of the HIWEZ Squadron, today we will be talking about The Grey Letter. You can can enlist to the Squadron for fut...
  • Thumbs up!

    An art series that depicts that sinking feeling you get when you're a disposable character in a pop culture film. Plus new Rebubble additions and Patreon starting up!
  • Dear 2022...

    2021 was the first year in maybe five years where I did not release a Hiwez exclusive patch! But what's in store for the new year?
  • Tactical Teddies®: Training Grounds

    I MADE A GAME! And it's available Thursday 23rd December at 1300HRS GMT! The best part is this is a Print and Play. So there's none of that pes...
  • MYST Biker Bunny release

    A new patch with a HiwezArt exclusive!
  • TTHQ Tabletop Game

    Tracking your opponents through a hail of gunfire, barbed wire and mud. Sound like your idea of fun? Excellent.

  • Upcoming BoomBros!

    With the first wave of BoomBros now available to hook onto your patch walls and gear it's time to get excited for the second volley of explosives!...
  • BOOMBROS drop date

    This Friday 25th June at 20:00hrs you'll be able to arm yourself with the first wave of Boom Bros! As always join me on Instagram for a drop date ...
  • BOOMBROS are coming.

    Really excited to be teaming up with the awesome skill of Patchlab.de once again to produce the newly illustrated series BoomBros! These explosive...