Upcoming BoomBros!

With the first wave of BoomBros now available to hook onto your patch walls and gear it's time to get excited for the second volley of explosives!

Just before we get into it, make sure to pick up your explosive buddies over at the BoomBros collection right here!

The series so far is shaping up to be one of the most colourful and fun projects I've had the pleasure of working on, each character packed with personality and charm alongside being a very wearable size. Part of the joy of patch art is being able to see people wearing them at war games or shooting ranges all over the place. It's a hugely rewarding feeling to see the patches getting out on adventures.

So far we have four lined up for a second wave and here are two of them for you to feast your eyes on before they are unveiled on my instagram account in the next few days!

Introducing The Dynamite Brothers, a temperamental (emphasis on the mental) trio of boom sticks. And SGT. Clacker who has stories so gripping they'll blow more than just your socks off!

The release date for these is still TBA as they are in production with the awesome folks over at Patchlab.

If you're ever looking to produce a series of patches, collaborate or even bring an idea you've had knocking around your noggin into colourful patch-life then patchlab.de is the place to go!

So while we wait for wave two, stay tuned by following along on Facebook and Instagram and don't forget to sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date with new releases. You'll find it over at the homepage here at hiwezart.co.

Stay awesome!