Tactical Teddies®: Training Grounds

And it's available Thursday 23rd December at 1300HRS GMT!

The best part is this is a Print and Play. So there's none of that pesky postage and packaging business and the game is ready for you as soon as you're able to print out the sheets, cut it out and start rolling dice!

To wet your whistle on the game it's a very simple and fast paced concept with a heavy focus on dice rolling. The best way I can describe it in one short sentence is:

Imagine that friendly competitive classic Snakes and Ladders, except you travel straight and your friends are the snakes. Snakes with guns!

It is a 1 - 4 player game but only because at present there are only four characters available, but there's nothing to stop you from printing multiples of characters, long as there's a creative way to differentiate between duplicates. So if there's more than four people wanting to play then give it a try, there will be more characters added to the roster in 2022.

There is a heavy focus on Dice Rolling on this game. Almost everything you do requires you to roll a dice so ideally each player would have two dice in-hand. Or you can always pop to Google and check out their Dice Rolling simulator by typing in "Roll Dice". 

The premise of the game is simple. Get to the finish line before your opponents. First Teddy across the line gets a gold stripe, second place gets a silver. After that a new Assault Course is constructed and Teds run again until one player has three gold or four Silver stripes.

I am really keen to see folks enjoying this game so if you make sure if you share your experience with the game on social media, use the hashtag #TacticalTeddies, #TrainingGroundsGame or #TTTG, I'll be keeping a buttoned eye out!

Stay awesome and enjoy the festive season!

Hiwez out!