BOOMBROS drop date

This Friday 25th June at 20:00hrs you'll be able to arm yourself with the first wave of Boom Bros!

As always join me on Instagram for a drop date live stream where I'll be drawing a brand new Boom Bro!

And don't forget, every launch day the HIWEZ Squadron members receive a 24hr code for 15% off their cart here on the hiwezart store! Enlist today and get your code ready!

Join HIWEZ Squadron here!

Alongside BoomBros exploding onto the store you'll also find. few more goodies dropping!


20 more BEHOLD! In the water tank patches have respawned, once these are all claimed there's no telling when the next wave will spawn in so gather your adventurers and head in right away!

Three new limited posters are dropping! Tactical Teddies® Tank Patrol and Hunter Scout team, plus the Titanhop poster on a larger scale than the one included in the gigantic Titanhop Mech patch package!

 Stay awesome, humans!

HIWEZ out!