Thumbs up!


January is nearly a wrap, the winter festivities are blurring into a distant memory and plans are starting to form for the months ahead, this is it. We're in 2022 for real now.

Some personal art projects are starting to come together. Another character and run for the tabletop game "Training Grounds" as well as a fun mini series paying homage to a famous scene that got me blubbering as a kid. When the Terminator sank himself with a final thumbs up. It got me thinking there were a few scenes that bore a similar feeling through the years.

So I decided to do a mini series which will be available first and foremost as shirt and sticker designs on my redbubble store here and as digital downloads for folks to use as their wallpapers here on the store.

If the idea sounds cool to you and you'd love to get your hands on some classic pop culture homages like this then stay tuned, remember to sign up to the newsletter here and also switch on notifications over on my instagram. I'm always shouting about new art over there.

At the start of February I am also officially starting up my Patreon page and I'm going to spend the next week thinking of some kind of welcome package for patrons to receive upon sign up so stay tuned for that!

Let's get ready to see out January in style, stay awesome and see ya'll in Feb!