Tactical Teddies® Hunter Workshop Poster

This Sunday at 1300hrs BST a new poster drops here at hiwezart.com!

This large format, richly detailed print measures in at 590mm x 343mm and is printed on a quality 170gsm stock.

This will be the second Tactical Teddies® official poster coming straight out of HIWEZ HQ, with only 50 printed as a limited run. Once these large format prints are gone they are gone!

The Hunter Workshop. A gigantic trading outpost hidden in the heart of the Dust Deserts of Eastreach. In this large format poster we follow a Hunter Scrapper called Crash as he drags his haul in for pay day of bullets, tokens and a pocket full of Tedinum, a coveted Hunter Currency, and a little entertainment before heading back into to wilds of the Tedlands.

Selling scraps is business and business is good.