Six Fan Arts challenge

I recently took part in an online artists challenge by the name of #sixfanarts. I don't usually get involved with these challenges and for no good reason besides keeping myself busy with other illustrative tasks, but this one really caught my attention since I don't do a lot of what people might consider proper fan art.

Sure I do the odd homage or amusing nod to other franchises I am fond of and lace it into my day to day, but this was an opportunity for me to have a good study of other established characters and cast their likeness in my own art style. And I have to say, probably unsurprisingly, it was a lot of fun and I am considering doing it again already.

There's a time lapse video available on my Youtube account showing the tips and tools I apply while illustrating on Procreate, you can catch it here:

And in more related news, Garand Thumb approved his artwork to be uploaded to my redbubble account so you can pick up some awesome merch of your favourite flannel daddy by hitting the image below!

That's all from me for now. Stay awesome and stay safe!