First Tactical Tactix half day bag

I wanted to write a review about this backpack, but then I realised words aren't really my shtick and the best way I can endorse something is with my main skill-set, art. Specifically anthropomorphising things in a comic style.

Here is the backpack itself for reference and if you like what you see just tap the link below to head to the First Tactical online store!

First Tactical: Tactix half day backpack.

 And onto the video, here we go!

I hope you enjoyed the video, in lieu of a true review I do still want to tell you that this is an awesome backpack with lots of storage space, intuitive design inside and out and comfortable to wear for long periods thanks to its robust structure and ample padding.

So here are a few categories that caught my attention.

The first thing you may notice when you get your hands on this pack is the number of main and sub compartments it has, collectively I've counted twenty eight but I'm still convinced I've missed some.

So my advice would be to treat this backpack like a buddy you're intending to get to know better. It's not going to feel instantly knowable like some of the packs with less storage segments but conversely it's going to be easier to navigate and locate your gear once you've used it a few times.

The zips are smooth gliding and the pullies are easy to grip. The angled Hook and Hang Thru™ compression strap makes for great security so your content doesn't rattle around, and the hanging clip and detachable key hook in the front compartment is something I admire as an added feature.

If you don't know already, I'm a patch guy. I like to decorate my packs. The Tactix pack lets me do that without breaking a sweat. One large area three strips deep and a name tape style panel located right on the face of the pack and a strip on the left strap is plenty of space to get some personality on the pack right off the bat.

But even more than that is the Velcro real-estate on the inside. There is an iPad sized pouch lined with velcro and the main unit itself is home to a large wall of the stuff. Attached to which are two quick release velcro backed mesh pouches. First Tactical supply other types of hook backed pouches perfect for adapting this part of the backpack. The modularity intensifies.

Thanks for reading! If you like the art enough to rock it around in public you can find this illustration on my Redbubble account! Just punch the image below.


That's all from me. Stay awesome, stay safe. 

Hiwez out!