Crossroads Comic release date and time!

On Sunday May 31st at 1300hrs BST the limited collectors edition of the printed Crossroads Chapter One Comic will be available to the public! This will be the first printed official Tactical Teddies® Comic I have produced so this is something of a milestone for me.

But what will you get in the package? 

With every copy of the Crossroads Chapter One Comic there will be a glow in the dark Tactical Teddies® Keyring, a numbered certificate of authenticity in the form of a contact sheet of comic panels. four character stickers based on teddies from the comic and one secret shiny sticker!

This will be on the public store for £8.99 on Sunday May 31st at 1300hrs BST.

But wait... There's something else...

Since this project was officially a HIWEZ Squadron choose your own adventure comic, with the Squadron making decisions at critical points to forge a completely unique story created by the community of Squadron members, I have a special gift found only on the Squadron store for a limited time.

By way of thanks to the Squadron there will be 25 copies at no cost on the Squadron store from Saturday 30th May at 1300hrs BST. The only cost to you would be the monthly supportive donation of two pounds and the postage of the comic.

So want to pick up a free copy? Head over to and keep your finger on the refresh button on Saturday 30th May at 1300hrs BST!

Stay awesome and stay safe!
Hiwez out.