Crossroads Comic Collectors Edition

To mark the one year anniversary of HIWEZ Squadron (Basically Patreon but in a dedicated space for Hiwez art!) I am so pleased to be announce the immanent release of my first official printed comic, a collectors edition of the Tactical Teddies® Crossroads Chapter One story. 

For those who don't know, Crossroads chapter one "Names" was an interactive story. At each check point every three pages or so there would be a choice for the Hiwez Squadron to make. Anything from what the name should be to how the owner treated the main character and each major decision that they made. It has culminated as over 50 pages of full colour high quality artwork telling the story of one teddies journey into the world of the Tedlands.

It was an incredibly fun project and a real learning experience for me in terms of comic art practice and theory.

Alongside the limited edition comic you will also receive a contact sheet style numbered certificate of authenticity and five stickers, four of which are notable characters from the comic itself!

As a thanks to all HIWEZ Squadron members there will be a special offer on this comic, limited to twenty copies on the Squadron Exclusive story available to anyone who is a patron on the site.

I hope you are able to add this milestone to your Tactical Teddies® collection and perhaps even consider joining us as a HIWEZ Squadron member for chapter two of the adventure!

More info as soon as the stickers and certificate prints have arrived!

Stay awesome, stay safe!

Hiwez out!