Crossroads Chapter One: The Collectors Edition Comic

The day has finally come and the Tactical Teddies® first printed official comic is available.

Over the course of Chapter One you can join a fluffy blue teddy bear in his journey of awakening and discovery in this first Tactical Teddies® Comic. Crossroads Chapter One.

This comic was part of a community project that took place with the patrons of HIWEZ Squadron, a group of rad individuals who have chosen to support the art through a monthly donation of £2GBP which keeps me fuelled up on the essential caffeinated beverages throughout the month to create artwork like this.

During the course of the comic, HIWEZ Squadron were able to make choices at meaningful moments which would affect of the course of the story. So although I was the writer and illustrator of the comic I was not driving the tale by any stretch. I had no idea what would happen one week to the next and it was an excellent adventure which I look forward to continuing with chapter two later this year.

Stay awesome!
Hiwez out!