BEHOLD! A new release.

Good day Hiwezolites!

A new drop hits the store this weekend so take these notes down!

Where and When?

Grumpy pack (in three colours), Hamburg PatchCon eye patch, Grumpy Plate Carrier and limited edition Behold! in water tank.

All of the drops this Friday have been in collaboration with Patchlab and I want to take a moment just to tell you that if you're after a patch (or pretty much any decorative merch) give Patchlab a message. They are the best in the business with a genuine passion for the community and for producing great products from art. You can head over to or email them on


IMPORTANT NOTE! This is a respawn drop.
Only 20 will spawn on the store this Friday, numbers 1 to 20 of the numbered art cards. Once they are gone no more will spawn until the next drop so make sure you're here for the encounter!

The numbered and limited edition BEHOLD! In a water tank. The artwork on this one has really translated into patch form very well with beautiful colours and sharp lines. The skulls and eyes really grab my attention and I hope you folks like what you see too!

Patchlab even saw fit to include four mini skulls in the pack too so you can scatter those about with sweet and reckless abandon!


In two new colours so you can match your patch with your pack with a greater accuracy, or if you just want to give your grumpy grey a couple of grumpy buddies!


New to the Grumpy series we have this Grumpy Plate Carrier! Starting with Grumpy Grey and new colours on the way.

We love this little guy and we welcome him to the grumpy group, we hope you do too!


Patchlab has been kind enough to supply me with a small selection of the official eye patches we produced so a very limited number of these will be available. These are limited edition of course and were created to mark the 2020 5.11 Hamburg Patch Convension.

That is all from me for now, I look forward to seeing you fine folks here tomorrow at 20:00hrs GMT and I'll catch you on an instagram live stream on the evening leading up to the drop time!

Stay awesome!